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Comments from a planning consultant have been added below for downloading

Parish Council meeting on Monday 26th November at 19:30 in Village Hall one agenda item "Response to the Purbeck Local Plan"


Lulworth Housing Proposals

What we have so far is that the consultation on the Purbeck Local Plan ends on 3rd Dec 18. The panel below provides links to the Purbeck website. It is interesting to note that of the 31 small sites identified in Purbeck, 8 are in West Lulworth.   Jon Davey has proposed that a special Parish Council Meeting be held.


Subject : PPAC - PDC have produced a guide to responding to the consultation

Responding to the Pre Submission Local Plan Consultation

PDC have produced a guide to assist residents to respond to the Pre Submission Document for the Local Plan for Purbeck.

Responses are requested by PDC to be online.

However if you require additional guidance or a paper response please contact the local plan officer, Frances Summers, at PDC.

Residents should be able to have an appropriate way of responding . This may include a paper response.

Pan Purbeck Action Campaign will be responding towards the end of next week

The Presubmission Local Plan and associated documents as well as the link to respond online can be found here.

Peter Bowyer

PPAC Chairman

 The files below can be downloaded