Welcome to the Parish Council section of the website. There are nine elected Councillors, all of whom are unpaid. We employ a Parish Clerk to deal with all the paperwork and we:

Send comments to Purbeck District Council on planning applications in the village.
Respond to any concerns raised by villagers.
Keep an eye on the local environment, including trees and footpaths.
Try to improve local services, in particular play facilities for children and local transport.
Comment on policy documents concerning issues that are important to people in Lulworth.

We meet generally on the first Monday of the month in the Village Hall, and anyone is welcome to attend our meetings and make their views known to the Council before the meeting starts.


West Lulworth Parish Council meet on the first Monday of each month excluding Bank holidays.  Meetings are held at 
West Lulworth village hall and commence at 7:30pm.
The meeting dates for 2016 are:

Monday 4th January,

Monday 1 February,

Monday 7 March  The Annual Parish Meeting 

Monday 4 April,

Monday 2 May,

Monday 6 June,

Monday 4 July,

Monday 1 August,

Monday 5 September,

Monday 3 October,

Monday 7 November

Monday 5 December.